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The Little Leaders School,P.O Box 15115,Ajman

The Little Leaders School


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The Little Leaders School P.O Box 15115, Ajman, UAE

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The Lazar Group, established by Mr. & Mrs. Lazar in 1979, is one of the leading businesses in the Middle East today. The group’s focus areas are: Education, Construction, Facility Management, Garments and Fashion.
During the initial growth, The Lazar Group established its path of education in the emirate of Ajman, with the motto:
’Enter To Learn, Go Forth To Serve’

Late Mrs.S. Lazar, laid the foundation of Education Sector of the group and launched LITTLE FLOWER NURSERY. She believed that each child had the potential to bring something unique to the world.
Mrs. Lazar’s vision and dedication inspired her son Mr. Lanson Lazar, our young Chairman to whom the scepter was passed on.
The Royal Academy, Ajman was established in 2012 at Al Humaidiya, Ajman with a capacity to accommodate 3000 students, to cater to all aptitudes of career options in the Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.

Furthermore, the group comprehended the need of the hour in the education stream of Ajman and the 1st British School in Ajman, The Bloomington Academy, was established in the year of 2014.
Through these long years of educational excellence, the school has produced many high-achievers and honourable global citizens.

Our Philosophy

As ’Educators at Heart’ we firmly believe that each learner should be respected and valued. The differences in each child as to ones interests, developmental needs and personality are unique. We appreciate and value different family, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

We believe that children are naturally curious about their environment and therefore play should be the essential ingredient of a preschool programme. Through play in a regularly enriched environment, children learn about themselves and their capabilities and develop their cognitive, social and emotional capacities. Educators must create a challenging environment in which information is available through a variety of means.

We provide experiences that foster a sense of self as a competent individual, an internalization of self-control, and a positive pattern of interaction with others. While nurturing and supporting each individual child leader, educators should also strive to encourage a sense of community and a sense of the importance of each child as a participating member of a group.

We strive to ensure a childhood experience filled with adventure, play, investigation and friendship.


LLS endeavor to create an environment where learning is through experience and programmes in alignment with the NAtinaol Agenda

Our mission is to provide a warm, caring and stimulating early childhood educational environment for children, ages 18 months to 5 years by:
o Engaging a highly qualified staff
o Providing personal attention and professional child care

o Creating educational opportunities that encourage each child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.




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