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ONPASSIVE,Mahadevapura, Next to More Megastore, ,Bangalore



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512/10, Service Lane, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore - 560048 Karnataka

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CEO and Founder Ash Mufareh launched ONPASSIVE into an automated marketing business platform with the aim of providing customers with an unlimited source of income. With the help of artificial intelligence, the marketing platform can be automated. ONPASSIVE team is duly focussed on building marketing tools that can be used to create a business online. ONPASSIVE hopes that the business opportunity stands out from the competition existing in the marketing world. ONPASSIVE started with the belief that everyone can live a successful life, which is why we provide a platform for people with dreams to work seamlessly sitting at home. Our digital marketing solutions are integrated with artificial intelligence to ease the hassles of doing business so that people can also spend time quality time with their family. Our mission is to build the world’s most disruptive digital marketing platform to enhance marketing campaigns. ONPASSIVE has a global footprint, and the headquarters is at Florida, the USA and the technical hub stationed at the silicon valley of India - Bangalore. Together we are aimed at bringing novel methods of marketing and build a platform that works on giving millions of people with business opportunities.




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