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Aster Centres of Excellence & Multispeciality Hospital,Cheranelloor,Ernakulam

Aster Centres of Excellence & Multispeciality Hospital


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Aster DM Healthcare Limited Cheranelloor, Kochi, Kerala, India

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+91 484 66 99 999


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For me, Aster Medcity is the fulfillment of a dream nurtured deep in my heart, ever since I visited the Mayo Clinic ten years ago - the dream to create a state-of-the-art healthcare destination, which, one day, will become the preferred destination for advanced medical care for patients from across the world.

With such a lofty goal, Aster Medcity had to be conceptualised differently from existing hospitals in India - which is why this facility was designed as a comprehensive medical township, which will have a Core Hospital and many Centers of Excellence (CoEs). With academics, an outstanding range of support services and accommodation thrown in for a large population who will become part of this environment over an extended period of time, Aster Medcity will evolve to be a unique, one-of-its-kind medical ecosystem.
We’ve started the journey by establishing eight Centers of Excellence in the first phase with 670 beds, and hope to add on more COEs and other facilities in the coming years. Though I realize the arduousness of the road we’ve embarked on, I am excited about driving this project ahead and giving it all it takes, keeping in mind that in the journey towards excellence, there is no finishing line.

Aster Medcity, located in a very picturesque location in Kochi, the business capital of God’s Own Country, is already home to highly skilled doctors. With the most advanced technology for diagnostics and therapeutics, Aster Medcity has attracted many highly skilled healthcare professionals from abroad as well as the rest of India, catalyzing considerable reverse brain drain.

Kerala is known the world over as a destination for wellness-tourism based on the traditional system of Ayurveda. Aster Medcity will create a paradigm shift by focusing on mainstream modern medical treatment, thus placing Kerala firmly on the global Medical Value Travel map.

In the delivery of healthcare, care and compassion are as important as the skills of professionals and cutting-edge technology. This human touch along with a patient-centric hospital design, high quality treatment at an affordable cost and a soothing ambience make Aster Medcity the destination for accelerated healing.

In all earnestness, I would like to make a simple promise to all our stake holders - patients, doctors, employees and everyone directly and indirectly associated with Aster Medcity – We’ll Treat You Well. In every way possible.

Best regards,
Dr. Azad Moopen MD

August 2014




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