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Powerskill - Powering up for the dawn of a new day,Palarivattom,Ernakulam

Powerskill - Powering up for the dawn of a new day


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Pallissery Road, Palarivattom P. O Cochin, Kerala, India

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+91 484 2341464
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Power Skill Corporation in its capacity as a project facilitator is able to bring together electrical manufacturers active in the world today and supply them to you in one complete package. We also are distributor of cutting edge technological products, governed by availability of specific product lines. We can supply Anything, Any Where, Any Time. We will provide electrical products to meet all of your needs for high voltage, low voltage, motor control centers, automation, and control systems. Power Skill Corporation brings together the people needed to assure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. We look at your requirement for equipment and decide whom the most appropriate suppliers for that type of equipment would be. We then work with them to assure that they can meet all of your specific criteria. The use of vendors around the world allows us the ability to supply equipment to many different standards. We assure timely shipments, compliance to specifications and offer logistical simplification through a single source of supply.

Taking things into account such as your climate, security, the availability of spare parts (other than those initially supplied), and the proximity of qualified technicians to repair equipment. We are able to customize equipment to your specific needs. We also assure that all equipment is packaged appropriately for the method of transportation being used. Working with a number of freight forwarders allows us to guarantee the prompt arrival of your equipment. Our knowledge and familiarity with manufacturers throughout the world, allows us to provide efficiencies that will ultimately save you both time and money.

We are able to customize our service to your requirement. We can provide engineering, project management, procurement, estimating, accounting and construction services depending on the needs of your specific project.




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