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location Place : Trivandrum, Kerala
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KJK Hospital and Fertility Research Centre the best IVF hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala aims at fulfilling the hopes of the infertile couple and strives to provide advanced fertility services. For more than 16 years, KJK Hospital and Fertility Centre have resolved reproductive challenges for individuals and couples all around the world. Your successful outcome, the day that you bring home a healthy baby, drives us to perfect our fertility center. KJK Hospital is an affordable IVF Cost in Trivandrum and Our entire team, including renowned embryologists and highly skilled nurses, works together in a compassionate and proficient clinical care team to optimize your chances of getting pregnant. 
Dr. K Jayakrishnan is the Managing Director and Chief Consultant, Reproductive Medicine at KJK Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala. He has 12 years of experience in Medical College and 19 years of experience in private setup. Overall he has more than 31years of experience in treating subfertile subjects. He performed more than 10500 Endoscopic Procedures during the last 19 years.
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