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Phlebectomy is used to remove veins that are too big for sclerotherapy. Before the procedure, you will be given antibiotics, non?narcotic pain pills, and Valium for relaxation. Your veins will be outlined with a magic marker and photographed.

The area over the marked veins will be injected with local anesthesia. The injection of anesthetic hurts for a few seconds but then the area goes numb. Once the area is numb, very small (1/8 to 1/4–inch) incisions are made and the veins are removed. The incisions are closed with Steri-Strip; no sutures are required. The small incisions heal very nicely and are hardly visible after a year.


Sclerotherapy is the injection of a Solution into abnormal veins using a small pediatric needle. The solution does not hurt, yet it irritates the inside lining of the vein which causes the vein to collapse or sclerose. Sclerotherapy is performed on spider veins, Telangiectasias, and small varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is a simple and ingenious concept, but its proper execution is an art that can take years to master. Sclerotherapy causes the targeted vein to destroying itself without damaging the surrounding tissue

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