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1909 Dundas Street East, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 2L5, Canada

Place : Whitby
City : Whitby
State : Ontario
Country : Canada

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Dundas Dental is a dependable dental clinic that provides complete teeth whitening in Whitby. They have a quick, one-session, long-lasting solution. Their teeth whitening in Whitby is handled by their professional dentists. They work with attention to detail and make sure everything restores your dental health. For a more inexpensive solution, there are at-home Whitby teeth whitening kits available where whitening gel is applied to the teeth by the patient at home from a tooth tray professionally made in their office. To learn more about their teeth whitening in Whitby, have an appointment with them. They are ready to attend to your dental needs. Call them at (905) 721-1616 or visit their office located at 1909 Dundas Street East., Whitby, Ontario, L1N 2L5, Canada. You may also email them at frontdesk@dundasdental.ca or check out their website.

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