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HO: Room No 13, Karuna Sadan, Sector 11-B, Chandigarh-160011

Place : Karuna Sadan
City : Chandigarh
State : Chandigarh
Country : India

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YTTS informally started in 1980 by Late Vineet Khanna (1955-2001) was registered in 1986. He had the view that young people without work quickly grow disillusioned, become involved in anti-social behaviour, and remain dependent on their extended families rather than establishing their own adult lives. To overcome this predicament he started providing hands-on technical training to unskilled, unemployed youth and opened up job opportunities for them. Unlike other placement organizations, the Society facilitated the placement of youth in jobs in reputed companies. As apprentices in a wide network of host “associate companies,” they acquired training and work experience. The technical training offered by the Society included that for mechanics, carpenters and electricians.

Vineet launched his program during the 80’s during the period of militancy in the Punjab. The Society provided the youth with an alternative, constructive example and several hundred were placed in suitable jobs. Many such youth gained experience and started their own enterprises. By the Nineties, the Punjab problems was resolved, and large number of formal Technical Training Institutions came up, and need for informal technical training for youth declined. Peace brought a large number of migrants who formed slums and created a new set of problems.

Soon the focus shifted from Youth to Children who accompanied the migrants. The ‘Pustak’ program has been very successful in guiding the slum, working and street children & preparing them for schools. Slowly we started working with other members of their families. 

Now our programs encompass the women, old ladies, youth and handicapped. In 1991 YTTS was selected to run the Street Children Program. 1998 CASA agreed to support a Child & Women Empowerment program of ours in H.P. 1999 saw the CRS agree to channelise its Nutrition program in 1999, through us for the children and people needing special health care and not covered by our other programs.

In 2002, P H Vaishnav a former Chief Secretary of Punjab was persuaded to become the President. This brought about many positive changes which resulted in converting from an individual’s crusade to a mass movement with a large membership base. We have a membership base of nearly a hundred members who pay a membership fee.

By agreeing to be the Support organisation of Childline, in Aug. 2003, YTTS became a part of this very important network with serves over 70 cities of the country. In 2006, YTTS along with 12 other organisations floated an organisation called ‘Mountain Forum Himalayas’, which focuses on the problems of the people living in Mountains and how to solve their problems.

The thrust of YTTS intervention is through various specialized Projects funded by govt depts, institutions and individuals interested in helping to improve the quality of life of those who are from marginalized sections of Society. We handed over Baghban project for running to Chandigarh Senior Citizen Association, creating a new experiment in inter NGOs cooperation.

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